Lane County Small Woodlands Association is a connecting link for small woodland owners throughout the county, deepening neighbor-to-neighbor bonds, sharing knowledge and experiences, frustrations and successes, and forging new and lasting friendships along the way.

From neighbor-to-neighbor tours to seedling sales, hands-on workshops to casual conversations, LCSWA provides opportunities for landowners of all levels of experience and size of property to come together, learn new things, ask questions, get support and find help.

We’re never too experienced to learn something new! From individuals to agencies, classes to book clubs, YouTube channels to websites, there are resources out there to help newcomers and seasoned landowners alike navigate the highs and lows of woodland ownership.

Ready to dig a little deeper?

For a list of our current Board members or to peruse past meeting minutes, click on the Connect box above. For upcoming events (and some past ones too), click on Experience. To explore the multiple resources available to Oregon’s small woodland owners, click on Discover. To scroll through our social media feeds, check out the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter links at the bottom of the page–and while you’re there, like and follow us too!

The Quarterly Bark

The Quarterly Bark is a joint newsletter for the Benton, Lane, Linn & Lincoln county OSWA chapters. Access current and past issues on the OWSA website.

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